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we are artistratis

we are artistratis

our principles

Our cooperation internally and with the client is based on trust and mutual respect.

When it comes to complex problems, only teams achieve sustainable success – we bring together the strengths of individuals synergistically and commit ourselves to team success.

We achieve results through an open discourse and become effective through fair and intense debate on the matter.

Our approach requires consultants with sound professional experience and methodological firmness – but also with the ability to question the tried and tested, to break new ground and thus to assume intellectual leadership.

our focus

We are specialists for demanding problems in industrial companies that are innovators and pioneers to the markets.

Our core competence lies in the optimization of complex systems and processes –with special expertise in biotechnology.

Through our contribution, we drive progress in innovative fields with high benefits for customers and patients.

To this end, we design strategies for our clients, align their organization with strategic goals and optimize mission critical business processes.

our approach

We think in options and guide our clients to the best possible decisions in an uncertain environment.

When it comes to problem identification and solving, we rely on analytical methods as well as innovative instruments provided by mathematics and modern IT.

We combine our methodical approach with a high degree of empathy – we keep an eye on the specific situation of the client and its employees.

For us, our work is only fulfilled when concepts have been successfully implemented by the client and have a lasting impact.

your value

Positive profit development by enabling sales and identifying and minimizing main cost drivers.

Sustainable solutions from problem statement to implementation of all necessary measures to keep the improved status.

Accelerated and successful projects based on our pragmatic and proven methods, advanced tools and long-time experience in the industry.

Deeper insight and predictive abilities based on systematic data collection, documentation and combination with advanced methods of data science.

our references

„artistratis has knowledgeable partners, with a huge experience capable to support footprint challenges“

See the full reference: 2024_MCK04_Reference_V01

Teresa Rodó

EVP, Head of Global Healthcare Operations , Merck KGaA

„We could provide a really full view to our board and investors“                                                                

See the full reference: 2024_HEL01_Reference_V01

Valérie Berryman-Bousquet

VP Engineering, Helio Display Materials

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